Edogawa Evolutionary Laboratory of Science (EELS) is a Research & Development institute under the aegis of Edogawa Hospital.

EELS, started in April 2017 works towards developing novel solutions to address unmet needs of patients with illnesses which have no definitive cure. Physicians in Edogawa Hospital and the research team of EELS work together with other stake holders and technocrats, in various  domains of science starting from Astronomy to Zoology to accomplish the objectives.

Challenges in healthcare of different nature while continue to mount, the speed with which technologies change are also too rapid. Evolving science of regenerative medicine, IT based telemedicine, use of novel gadgets, gene editing and synthetic biology capabilities, though are promising on one side, the newer infectious diseases in the tropics, lifestyle disorders in developing nations and old age-related health issues in developed nations pose significant burden to the society.

EELS will strive hard to bring out solutions through a consortium based approach of synergistic partners.